I know it’s hardly the year to be asking anyone for presents. I’m certainly not buying anything significant, and I don’t expect many of you are, either. But remember when you graduated from high school, and you sent graduation announcements to all your friends and family? And you set aside a couple and sent them to “dream guests” – the governor, the president, an NBA star, the father of the hottest girl in town (see, I’m amounting to something after all!) – knowing full well they’d never show up, but hoping they might send you a killer congratulatory gift? Well, that’s what I’m doing here – throwing my Christmas wishlist to the digital winds, hoping it lands at the feet of a kind benefactor whose ship has not been overturned by the rises and swells of recent economic seas.

With that, I present Brian’s Christmas Wishlist 2008. Yes, there are a few things still on there from last year, but if you people would just buy them for me then I’d be able to take them off, now wouldn’t I? Now, don’t go broke falling all over yourselves trying to please me… Christmas 2009 will be here sooner than you think. đŸ™‚