Like I needed another reason to spend money I don’t have on shiny things from that Amazon “recommended for Brian” page, they’ve announced “frustration-free” packaging on select products, with a hopefully-growing list of items sold in simple (and recyclable) cardboard containers. No more tearing open those evil blister packs with my teeth, or risking death and/or amputation by wrestling them apart with a kitchen knife, can opener, or pair of dull scissors. Something I’ve been dreaming of for years has finally arrived – hooray!

Amazon issued a press release today announcing the beginning of this effort, and have created an alternate storefront (at ) to browse items available this way. The list looked pretty short today but I’ll definitely be revisiting it.

As you can expect, this is a popular effort, both with frustrated consumers and the environmentally-aware media. In fact, the only ones who aren’t embracing the change are consumers who had previously invested in their own solution:
jaws of life