Eric and I entered our first rally yesterday in his Mini Cooper, the 26th Annual LaConner Tulip Cup. We had no idea what to expect, and no experience at all. Armed with a cooler full of snacks, a pile of maps, and a clipboard bearing the day’s clues/instructions, we were flagged through the cones in a mall parking lot and sent on our way, along with 282 other cars being released in packs of 20 ahead of and behind us.

We laughed (at ourselves and everyone else) all day, darting through small towns and along farm roads, many in classic cars you literally never see – MG’s, Austin Healey’s, Lancia’s, Alfa Romeo’s, Jaguars; everyone merrily turning circles around each other and repeatedly motoring right past the answers to their rally clues. We had a couple killer breakthroughs when we discovered shortcuts, only to later spend that hard-won time looping back for a missed landmark. Still, we finished as one of the first 5 cars, and had been released as number 68 (again, of 283 – it was huge!) so we made great time overall. It came down to correct answers, and as we were competing in his Mini we were up against 60-ish other Mini teams in our class – the odds were against us. Yet with a -7 (only 7 wrong answers) and one of the best times of the day… we won!

I’ve got tons of pictures of all the amazing cars i’ll get posted for you all. We (obviously) make a great driver/navigator team and we’re already signing up for another one in June. šŸ™‚