Posted at Cult of Mac last night is the rumor, credited to “an old friend, who is very highly placed in the Apple world”, that Steve J’s keynote tuesday was supposed to include some other, new, even more exciting goodies that were cut at the last minute due to Intel Core Duo chip supply. It sounds as though there will be even hotter MacBook Pro’s and something “much cooler than that. Much cooler” coming down the Apple pipe once Intel fully spins up production. A tablet Mac? Maybe… Inkwell seems underused up to this point. An Intel-based MacMini media center? That would be the next logical step for Front Row and if i were Steve (i do, incidentally, own enough black sweaters to traverse a 4-day MacWorld without recycling, if the job should become available) with the success of the Mini and the clamour for a home theater-friendly version, i wouldn’t want to announce one unless i was sure all the tires on the bus were turning.

Anyway, i don’t have any high ranking friends at Apple so i’m not in a position to hypothesize much beyond the obvious, but i’ll be watching and i expect to be wowed. I hope it’s not something disappointing like slamming iTunes into a crappy Moto phone.