So many reasons to love google. If only they had an office in Seattle, i’d go work there… oh, wait… 200 desks in Kirkland and posted availability. But anyway, i digress…

Neat toy of the week is google maps. I love the active scrolling, it’s uber slick. The driving directions are not quite as complete as Yahoo’s but it is admittedly still in beta. What i’m really enjoying about it today is the satellite mapping feature. Lookit me, i’m big brother! I squash you like a bug!

Credit goes to Gabe for finding Area 51 via some exhuberant scrolling. Brian at work pointed out an ill-parked stealth bomber at a california airplane plant. You celebrity stalkers might enjoy spying on Creepyland Ranch for a glimpse of Jacko or (gasp!) the botox-doc making a house call. Wash your hands afterwards, and then head on down to the happiest place on earth, which seemed a lot bigger than this when i was in 4th grade. Not to be outdone, the happiest place in florida is also visible from space. And finally, never missing a chance to splash their logo on something, Safeco Field is even branded from the sky. Scroll N-NE a bit and you’ll notice the Salvation Army is, too. You know, for all those window-seat airline passengers who have been at a loss for finding used furniture, or who didn’t know there was a baseball team (as if!).

What can you find?