Back at ya with a link to Montage-a-Google and a call to your creative search query skills and artistic inclinations. Throw something in there, any old thing (your name, an interesting place, your least favorite celebrity) or juxtapose interesting ironies (“fat mcdonald” is good and scary. “stupid tv” has an oddly large emphasis on Luke Perry). It’s fun. And you’ll feel like an artist. Google image search is so neat-o.

As long as we’re making fun of famous people (and when aren’t we, really?) go hit up blink o rama to catch all those crazy media-hounding types blinking in mid-sentence. Where these freeze-framed grabs come from i don’t know, but the one of the guvenator cracks me up.

Spending a bunch of money on my car this month cause, you know, what is a hobby if it doesn’t totally run you into the ground? That’s why we have them, right? Otherwise we’d all be rich and boring. As fate is often ironic and nearly always cruel, i had just decided i had a little money to spare and so i hunted out those new rims, which turned out even better in person. Then, before they even get here, my car decides it needs to snarf down a whole bunch of money like Star Jones in a pudding factory. But isn’t that always the way of things, really? If things came along when you were ready for them, what would you have to gripe about in your blog? Anyway, a couple weeks from now it should be back up and running, with a fully rebuilt motor (does that sound familiar at all?) with a new twist; this time i’m letting a professional do it. All the same, it still worries me, and i have trouble waiting 3-4 days without driving up to everett to check on it. But at least it will be a short downtime and should finally run like those crazy Nissan engineers intended. It all makes me very thankful how well my 88 Pathfinder runs and behaves despite receiving generally about 500% less love than the Z does and laying down 3x the miles.

Okay, enough negative vibes. I’m going to go build Google montages of “puppy”, “free money” and “tropical beach”.