At home working on photos from the weekend. Sooo nice to have my computer back, it’s been a long two weeks! Big thanks to Mom for helping out with the parts! I’m also very appreciative that Apple did a decent job engineering this thing, and it’s actually survived the rigors of my use for the last 2.5 years, and hopefully will last a couple more, as it’s going to be at least that long before i can afford a new one!

Josh stopped by this afternoon to pick up a bunch of mail i’d been stockpiling for him, so we talked a bit about our respective careers and who’s hot on the E! channel (Brooke Burke). He’s off to play soccer in the sunshine… i’m back at the keyboard talkin to you’all. 😉

Have a new webcam to try out now that my computer works, too. Wasn’t a total splurge, i bought one for Mom and then needed someone for her to video chat with. 😉 And we’ll save on long distance! It’s an investment, see? You see how i rationalize the money right out of my wallet and right into Amazon’s bank account? Neat, huh?

Met Patrick for lunch yesterday for a weekend recap. We’re both so pumped from the show and the weekend that we’re motivated to hit up more events this summer. Unfortunately the next big one falls on the weekend i’m in montana to watch Tim get married, but that actually would probably be too soon for us to plan (and me to save up any spending money) anyway. So we’ll shoot for the ones in august. Now i just need to win the lotto tonite so i can buy the Nismo injectors, HKS intercoolers and JWT dual intake i need to win the next show!

If you’ve got money to burn, you should order some of this Japanese ice cream. It comes in lots of yummy flavors, like Corn, Crab, Ox Tongue, Horse Flesh, Wasabi, Chicken Wing, Garlic and Curdled Bean. And if that doesn’t just send you running for your credit card and a spoon, here’s some more. Enjoy! 🙂

One last thing. Check out this photo Walper took of a car show model posing with my Z. Pretty cool, huh? 🙂