Geez, it’s already March. Wow. So, what did I do today? Well, I had the day off work (gotta do something with those vacation days, since I can’t get any of the holidays I wanted off, and yes, I am bitter about that, thank you). I visited Vince at Adobe, and although he doesn’t have anything for me right now, we still had a nice chat and then I had coffee in Freemont and walked around a little. Sigh. Also stopped at U of Washington and dropped off my application materials for staff positions there. Just gotta get the resume finished to accompany them and send it over by Monday. It was great just spending an hour or so walking around the U district – I really miss the energy of a college campus. I would totally love to find a job at UW, it’s a great area, seems really fun. If … only … they … would … just … hire … me! Sigh.

In international news, my friend John McAllister posted an update on his news site, detailing his latest adventures in Tanzania with the Peace Corps. He’s got some cool pictures of African stuff and is journaling his adventures teaching in Tanga. Wow, my life is so boring.